At Jacki's we let you sample Aerobic Dancing before you commit to the whole 10-week session. Here's the best way:



4 Classes for $80


Why four classes?  Because it takes a while to become familiar with the instructor's cues and the associated dance steps.  These will soon become second nature, but it won't happen in just one class. By the end of four classes you'll be much more confident and starting to experience body benefits, and therefore better able to judge if Jacki's program is right for you.

These conditions apply:

  • The introductory offer is open to all new students.
  • The four classes must be taken within a single 10-week session.
  • The four classes should be taken quickly and as close to the beginning of the term as  possible.  Aerobic Dancing is a progressive, not a drop-in, program.  If you can't attend regularly, it might not be for you.
  • If you decide to stay after completing the four classes, you then buy as many classes as needed to see you to the end of the term.