Not as such. We intake new students at the beginning of every term. That’s when the instructor introduces the term’s core dances, so it’s best to come along to class at or near the start of any term.

Well, we’ll help you get fit. Everybody has to start somewhere! When you’re new at exercise you need to pace yourself, and perhaps work at a lower level until you gain some fitness. Jacki’s program is designed so that you can walk, jog or run through the routines.

In short, no. Movement is the key, not perfect footwork or great technique. No one is judging you and having fun is all important. Jacki’s program is choreographed with non-dancers in mind, so all you need is functioning arms and legs!

Appropriate footwear: This is very important. Indoor aerobic shoes, tennis shoes and cross trainers are best because they are designed for foot movement in all directions. Joggers or other athletic shoes are okay for beginners.

Comfortable clothes: clothing that allows you to move without restriction: leotards, tights, shorts, T shirts, bike/tracksuit pants, etc.

(yoga style) mat or a thick beach towel: for the floorwork segment of the class. 

A drink: Cool water is the best.

For your first class, an early arrival: to allow time for paper work, including the Student Enrolment Agreement, and tips from the instructor. Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes so the class can start on time.

No, Aerobic Dancing is entirely non-competitive and we don’t work towards an annual performance. Classes are solely for your fitness and enjoyment.

The program is designed for adult women (but men are welcome too). Generally we do not have any students under 15 years of age.

We do not have creche facilities at Jacki’s classes, and our insurance does not cover us for childminding. We recommend that you have your pre-school-aged children cared for elsewhere so you can relax and enjoy the class without distraction.

Yes, you will be given a Student Enrolment Agreement to read through and sign. This is a waiver/release required by our insurance carrier. Students under 18 years of age will need to have a parent or guardian sign this document before they can dance in our classes. Once you sign (with any of our instructors), you will be covered for good in all of our classes. If you arrive late to your first class, please wait until the instructor can speak with you before joining in the workout. No-one may participate in our classes without first having read through and signed our insurance waiver.