You’ve arrived early, been welcomed by your instructor and completed the necessary paperwork described in our FAQs. As your classmates arrive you’ll notice they’re smiling and talking to each other. You’ll notice they’re all ages and all shapes and sizes – you won’t be the only one there who wants to lose weight. Some will have been coming since 1981 and some will be new like you.

If at first you feel your brain is overworked, take heart! It takes a while to learn our vocabulary and what to do on each cue given by the instructor. (That’s why we encourage newies to take up our four-class introductory offer.) Your classmates will verify that by regular attendance, you’ll soon be acting on cue to steps like Cha Cha, Charleston, Hustle and Stroll. They all remember their first class!


In every class you’ll do:

  • a Warmup dance to increase your metabolism and to get you ready to stretch.
  • a floor-based Corework segment of choreographed stretches, abdominals exercises and pushups to strengthen and tighten your entire torso.
  • a standing Vertifirm™ segment that replaces spot exercises traditionally done lying down. By involving the upper body, Jacki’s revolutionary “vertical firming” is more exciting, burns more calories and reinforces her Get-It-All-Together philosophy.
    Vertifirm™ gives a complete resistance training workout, with or without the use of optional hand held and leg weights. You’ll work your triceps, biceps, delts, lats, traps, pecs, glutes, hams, quads and more!
  • a Cardio segment of aerobic dances, with your heart rate monitored after each one. Our heart rate system and our “three levels” approach make it possible for students of varying ages and degrees of fitness to all dance together. You can stick with your chosen level for all the dances or you can experience a training effect by varying your levels.
    In this segment you’ll strengthen your heart and lungs, build endurance and burn fat. You won’t even realise you’re exercising, though, because Jacki’s choreography will make you feel like a star.
  • a slow Cooldown dance and some post-cooldown stretches to allow your heart rate to return to normal and working muscles to relax.

And after class? You’ll feel terrific, with energy to tackle whatever else your day holds.