About Jacki's

Jacki Sorensen created the world’s first aerobic dancing program over 50 years ago by combining the fun and excitement of dancing with the benefits of jogging. Today her program operates in the USA, Australia and Japan.

Jacki’s approach to fitness is Get-It-All-Together. Her Aerobic Dancing is everything you need to be fit. In every one-hour class you’ll work your core, do muscle toning and strengthening, get a great cardiovascular workout and do stretching to increase your flexibility. All while you have fun.

Jacki choreographs four sessions a year. Here in Australia, most run for 10 weeks to coincide with school terms. The music and choreography change each session and the term’s dances are introduced progressively and rotated to give you a perfect workout each class. This regular roll-out of new routines keeps students challenged, excited and coming back for more. We guarantee you will never be bored!

You may attend any Jacki’s class, mixing times and venues to suit your schedule. Missed classes can be made up anywhere and anytime within the same 10-week session. Many of our students are shift workers or travellers and are still able to make Jacki’s program a regular part of their lives.

Can’t dance? We’ll teach you how, even if you’re a two-left-footer. Jacki’s choreography is specifically designed for non-dancers. Perfect footwork doesn’t matter. Our objective is just to keep you moving while you have fun.

If you can already dance, that’s fine too. You’ll catch on quickly, and you won’t need to memorise routines because the instructor cues each change of step.

We cater for all fitness levels. Each student works within her own range by choosing from three levels – low, medium or high. This means walking, jogging or running through the dances. Even at low level you’ll get a thorough work-out.

For a preview of a Jacki’s class, read About the Classes and watch our Sample Video.